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image 3

image 3

Brandon Ballengée and Stan Sessions, North Slimy Salamander/ Plethodon glutinsosus
Unique IRIS print on watercolour paper

The Slimy Salamander gets its name for the secretions it emits from its skin glands when it is handled roughly or feels threatened. Many other species of amphibians show this behavior as
well but the Slimy Salamanders’ secretions are among the stickiest and are very hard to remove from one’s hand. Slimy Salamanders, like other members of the genus Plethodon (lungless-skin breathing salamanders) have eggs that hatch directly into small salamanders, skipping the larval stage. Though they are dependent upon moisture, this enables them to occupy a wide range of habitats. Look for them under stones logs and leaf litter in most wooded areas.

Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.

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