LandLab: Kate Farquhar

LandLab: Kate Farquhar

2017-2018 Resident Artist: Kate Farquhar


Kate Farquhar is a Philadelphia based artist and landscape architect, whose work combines her artistic interests with her apprenticeship in cutting edge green infrastructure. Her process occupies the space where habitat, green infrastructure and myth overlap. Currently, she collaborates with the interdisciplinary studio at Roofmeadow, designing green infrastructure and places for people. Recently she has been inspired by professional projects such as assistant-teaching Drawing and Field Ecology in PennDesign’s Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning department. Earlier this year she also coordinated the Penn Program for Environmental Humanities WetLand Art Residency. In the past, she has apprenticed in environmental planning, native plant cultivation, gardening, product design, public interest folklore, social justice, street art and outdoor education.

Kate conceives a collection of mythic micro-environments – called Synestates – to thoughtfully insert materials or elements from the cityscape into SCEE’s wild and managed lands, speculating about future possibilities for contact between people and the environment. Synestates play on the concept of synesthesia, whereby the mind correlates one category of abstract information with another. These works will bring cognitive dissonance into the “forest bath” at SCEE, reminding visitors that being outside immerses one in a world of cognitive differentiation.Projects will combine conventional hard urban materials and synthetic interfacing with living and/or decaying organisms. Subsequent human contact is eagerly anticipated!

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