Inhabiting the Edge

Inhabiting the Edge

Inhabiting the Edge: WetLand 

Documentation of Mary Mattingly’s WetLand, in conjunction with her delivery of the fourth annual Richard L. James lecture

January 28– April 11, 2015 
Opening Reception at the Center’s 50th Anniversary Richard L. James Lecture: January 28, 2015

Contributing Artists:
Mary Mattingly
Rebecca Aston
Mollie Goldstrom
Saito Group
Brian House
Greg Lindquist
Jane Long
ANI New Media
Tom Newman
Heidi Ratanavanich
Kim Reid
David B. Smith
Meg Stein
Karla Stingerstein
Jacques-Jean Tiziou

WetLand by Mary Mattingly (photo credit: JJ Tiziou)

Narrating a watery ecotopia, the interior contains a living space, work space, public, and performance space that combines art, architecture, and ecology. WetLand’s ecosystem contains rainwater collection and purification, greywater filtration, dry compost systems, outdoor vegetable gardens, wetlands, and hydroponic gardens. Residents live onboard and host activities, including free workshops, performances, and events.Art is integral to imagining new worlds.  Launched on August 15, 2014 on the Delaware River, WetLand is a mobile, sculptural habitat and public space constructed to explore resource interdependency and climate change in urban centers. A floating sculpture, it resembles a partially submerged building, integrating natural living systems with our urban space. 

The goal of WetLand is to encourage individual community members to apply the ideas brought to life on board.  Equal parts symbol, social space, stage, and shelter, the WetLand sculpture is an argument for thriving local environmental economies.

This gallery show contains concept drawings and preconstruction sketches, photographs and documentation of WetLand from August-September 2014, and artworks created by artists who were in residence aboard WetLand.

Photograph by JJ Tiziou