2015 photo contest looks at nature in the city

By Anna Lehr Mueser, Public Relations Manager

This year we’re thinking about what the idea of “nature in the city” means.  We’ll be exploring what it means to find nature in urban environments, in human environments.  It could be a strip of weeds teeming with insect life, an urban geology nature walk, or a nature center located in the city; the concept of nature in the city means many things to many people.

In honor of this cold season, when snow drifts down on our city, bringing out beauty among trees and buildings alike, it’s time for our 2015 photography contest.

This winter take out your phones and cameras and show us what you think of nature in the city.

Update, March 3, 2015: In honor of the continuing cold winter weather, we’re extending the deadline until Friday, March 13.


The rules are simple:

  • The photo must have been taken this year
  • The photo must be taken in the Philadelphia area
  • The photo must be outdoors or feature the outdoors
  • The photo must be your own creation and its publication may not violate the rights of any third party
  • Photos must be submitted by 5pm on February 27.
  • Each person can submit up to 3 photos
  • Please tell us about your photos! You are welcome to include a statement of up to 30 words explaining your photos and how they relate to “nature in the city.”

Please note:

  • No explicit or offensive photos. The Schuylkill Center reserves the right to determine whether a photo is explicit or offensive.
  • By submitting a photo, you grant the Schuylkill Center non-exclusive rights to reproduce your image. You maintain copyright and you will be credited.
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of Schuylkill Center staff.  Winners will receive a handmade stoneware 50th anniversary mug.

How to Submit a Photo:

  • Email your photo to me at anna@schuylkillcenter.org with the subject line “Photo Contest 2015”
  • Tweet your photo to @SchuylkillCtr, #natureinthecity
  • Post your photo on the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education Facebook page

We look forward to finding out what nature in the city means to you – submit a photo now!

2 thoughts on “2015 photo contest looks at nature in the city

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  2. Philadelphia has many neighborhoods that have beautiful old growth trees. These trees provide shelter for song birds as well as hawks and squirrels. Winter is the best time to see the branching patterns & bark textures of deciduous trees. Spent flower heads and seed pods are also attractive during winter. Snow scenes , ice sickles and frozen buds all make pretty photos.

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