Bird above, wildflowers below

By Executive Director Mike Weilbacher

Nature’s wildflower parade continues!

On a walk along our Ravine Loop last Saturday, the forest was awash in colors.  While bloodroot is finished and done for the season, the cheerful caps of trout lily (below, right) poked through masses of Virginia bluebells.  Two species of trillium, one a deep wine red, the other a

White trillium

bright white (left), also enlivened the forest floor.

We’ll be heading out this next Saturday at 8:30 a.m. to search for these—and other!—flowers.  The walk, “Warblers and Wildflowers,” will have us looking two directions at once, down to find these flowers and up at the rainbow of birds swirling above us: phoebes, jays, robins, thrushes, and hopefully, those elusive but stunningly beautiful migrating warblers.

Trout lily

Come join me and restoration manager Joanne Donohue on a lovely April stroll through a spring forest at the peak of its color.