Children laying in leaves

Nature Preschool Open House

Nature Preschool immerses children in the outdoors every day, while giving them the social and emotional skills and academic knowledge they’ll need in the years ahead. Take a peek inside our preschool and kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers, and learn about the curriculum, philosophy, and values that guide this unique program. Children welcome.

9.9 -1

Nature Preschool, Community-Building, and Responsibility Rocks!

By Shannon Dryden, Nature Preschool Manager and Sweet Gum Lead Teacher

childrenneednature-01The first few weeks of Nature Preschool have started off with a busy buzz and hum as the two classrooms, Sweet Gum and Sycamore, have filled with children, conversations, artwork, lunch boxes, water bottles, and more.  It may seem silly but every September I am reminded how the beginning of the year reinvigorates teachers and classrooms as new personalities come together to build a community. It is loud (as it should be), it is busy (many moving bodies), it is messy (children’s hands at work), it is full of questions, thoughts, and ideas as the pieces of the classroom puzzle are beginning to fit together. Continue reading