Submission Opportunities

The Schuylkill Center’s environmental art department accepts submissions of environmentally themed visual artwork on an ongoing basis. This category is open to any artist interested in applying their creative vision directly to issues that concern the natural environment through materials, concept or imagery. Our main interest is in outdoor installations, but the Schuylkill Center also hosts a series of indoor gallery exhibitions throughout the year.

Artists interested in exhibiting at the center should demonstrate in their cover letter or artist statement how their work addresses the environment and nature. For the indoor gallery, two- or three-dimensional wall-mounted media in small to medium scale (0 – 40 inches) are eligible, including: sculpture, paintings, works on paper, fiber arts, mixed media, photography, paper arts, and digital/electronic media. Outdoor work has no size limitation. Generally, the installations here are site specific, so we ask for examples of your past work which relate to your proposed project.

Artist submissions are reviewed by the environmental art program staff. If accepted, the artist will be added to our artist file for consideration for future exhibitions and installations. All exhibitions are curated by the environmental art department staff.

In the spirit of conservation, we encourage digital submissions, especially via file sharing platforms like Dropbox. If submitting via email, please either compress your image files or send in installment emails. Payment must still be submitted via postal mail for digital submissions.

Submission requirements:

  • 10 – 15 digital images, with accompanying file with size and materials information
  • Artist Statement
  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter
  • $20 Submission Fee – via check payable to the Schuylkill Center

We can accept submissions via email. Please either compress your image files or send in installment emails.

Send to:
Christina E. Catanese
Director of Environmental Art
Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19128
 215-482-7300,  x111

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