Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts enable you to celebrate, appreciate, honor and remember your loved ones, while furthering the Schuylkill Center’s mission!

To make a donation in someone’s honor or memory, please click here. Tribute gifts are listed on the Schuylkill Center’s website bi-annually.

The following tribute gifts were made between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Gift in Memory or in Honor of:  

Honoree Donor
Nell Reath  
  Hildy Armour
Caelie McRobert  
  Robert Bartholomew
  Jodi Mindell
  Sharon Ritt
  H.L. Rutenberg
  Jeffrey Seligsohn
  Eric Stern
  Philippe Szapary
Shigeo Rosenzweig  
  Albert Berdugo
  Arthur R. Ellis
  Lisa J. Epstein
  Edith Frank
  Tresa Grauer
  Marc Newman
  Marlene G. Patterson
  Susan Rome
  Davy Rosenzweig
  Rima Segal
  Benjamin Stern
Janet Snyder  
  Marko Cichanowsky
  Laurie DeSimone
  Walter K. Kraft
  Patricia O'Donnell
  Laura Thomson
Maryanne Tobin  
  Christine Gallagher
Nathan Goonerante  
  James Dougherty
  Lea Goonerante
  Emily Greenland
Virginia Friedman  
  Steven Kastenberg
Kingsley West  
  Louise Slama
Terry Hagen  
  Susan B. Spencer
Mimi Stilley  
  Schannon Stoudemire
Richard Wexelblat  
  Paul Wexelblat
Mike Weilbacher  
  Charles S. Wolfe



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