Competition Topics

These categories are used throughout every county in the state to test students participating in the Pennsylvania Envirothon competition. For further description of each topic, visit Pennsylvania Envirothon homepage.


  1. Abiotic
  2. Biotic
  3. Community
  4. Aquatic Resource Issues
  5. Aquatic Resource Management and Protection


  1. Knowledge of Trees
  2. Knowledge of Forest Ecology
  3. Knowledge of Forest Benefits and Resources
  4. Forest Resource Management and Protection

Soils and Land Use

  1. Basic Soils Knowledge
  2. Understanding Maps, Surveys and Landforms
  3. Land Use (Agricultural and Conservation Practices)
  4. Decision-Making and Protection of Soils


  1. Knowledge of Birds and Mammals
  2. Understanding Wildlife Ecology
  3. Conservation and Management of Wildlife
  4. Issues Involving Wildlife and Society

Current Issue (changes annually):

  1. 2011 Salt & Freshwater Estuaries
  2. 2010 Groundwater
  3. 2009 Biodiversity in a Changing World
  4. 2008 Recreational Impacts on Natural Resources
  5. 2007-Renewable/Alternative Energy
  6. 2006-Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate
  7. 2005-Managing Cultural Landscapes


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