2022 Year of Restoration

Habitat Stops on our trails

2022 marks the Schuylkill Center’s Year of Restoration – a year dedicated to restoring habitats, our connection to the land, our communities, and our relationship to nature. As part of our Year of Restoration, we have erected three habitat stops along our trails – one at a meadow habitat, one at a forest habitat, and one at a water habitat. Each of these stops include a QR code that links to an audio file. These audio files talk about why each habitat is important as well as ways you can help to restore and protect each habitat.

To take part in our habitat stops, visit our Visitor Center Monday–Saturday and pick up an activity guide. Follow the signs to each habitat stop, filling out your activity sheets and collecting a punch on your habitat stop passport as you go. Once you have visited each stop and collected all of the hole punches on your passport, bring your punched passport to the front desk for a small prize and to add your name to the list of visitors who have completed our habitat stops.

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