Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds

June 23 – September 2, 2012

Presented by the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and The Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

Featuring: Susan Benarcik, Ana B. Hernandez, Brooke Hine, Darla Jackson, Mami Kato, Scott Pellnat and Caleb Nussear

Exported from a studio, these works began a new life outside, elsewhere, and against a backdrop of the very thing they were inspired by – the natural world. Familiar forms typically seen outdoors – Susan Benarcik’s droplets, Ana Hernandez’s bright red fabric fungi, and Scott Pellnat’s giant boat trapped in the woods were recreated and recontextualized. Other work played with the natural elements, giving a viewer a new perspective on the familiar landscape. Mami Kato’s work floated on the Fire Pond, and Caleb Nussear played with mirrors, layering the visual experience of the woods. Darla Jackson’s “Birthday Party” enlivened our indoor gallery space, as a way to welcome visitors and mark the the 25th anniversary celebration of the Schuylkill Center’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, which treats and rehabilitates thousands of animals each year.

Out of Bounds was installed all around the Main Building: in our Fire Pond, our indoor gallery, at the edge of our picnic grove and in our new Sensory Garden. This exhibition brought a new experience for a new summer at the Schuylkill Center.
Curated jointly by SCEE’s Director of Environmental Art, Jenny Laden, and CFEVA’s Director of Career Development, Amie Potsic, Out of Bounds renewed a partnership between the two organizations that began in 2008, with the exhibition Ghosts and Shadows. More information about CFEVA,

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) dedicates itself to making art careers viable for those who choose them, helping emerging artists reach their audiences, and promoting interest and understanding of emerging visual art among citizens of the community.

All the artists in this exhibition are Current Fellows or Alumni of CFEVA’s Career Development Program Fellowship. Artists are selected for CFEVA’s highly competitive Fellowship by its renowned Board of Artistic Advisors. While active in the program, the artists have opportunities to experience a full exhibition schedule, receive career counseling and mentorship, earn money from the sale of their work, teach in the community, and participate in numerous professional development opportunities.