Rescue: Scenes from a Wildlife Clinic

Photographs by Jennifer Hynes

September 22 – December 31, 2012

The wildlife clinic was founded in 1987 to help the animals in our area that are harmed or injured. The clinic sees over 3,000 animals a year and is the destination for anyone in the four-county area who finds a non-domesticated animal in need of medical attention. Our clinic staff works around the clock to bring these animals back to health and return them to their natural home. Some animals who are too injured to return to their natural habitat become “Education Ambassadors,” and help us do our work of promoting awareness of the natural world.

In the summer of 2012, photographer Jennifer Hynes spent hours and hours at the wildlife clinic photographing the animals, people, spaces and landscapes there. Her time there resulted in a deep understanding of the caring attention given to each and every animal who needs help. These images portray the dedication and love with which clinic staff and volunteers bring animals back to health. The Schuylkill Center was proud to honor the wildlife clinic’s 25th anniversary with this beautiful and inspiring exhibition.

Rescue was the inaugural exhibition in our brand new environmental art gallery. For over 11 years, our environmental art program has presented exhibitions inside and out. This gallery allowed for larger, more diverse indoor exhibitions. Essential to the cultural community of Philadelphia, we are the only venue devoted entirely to environmental art.