Below are some selected artist projects which typify the remedial artworks being planned for at The Schuylkill Center. As you will see, these projects range from large to small, are located all over the world, and engage audiences in all sorts of ways. Some still exist, some are temporary. We have found that explanation by example is very important when describing this practice.


Mel Chin, Revival Field, 1990

Patricia Johanson, Fair Park Lagoon, 1981

Patricia Johanson, Ellis Creek Water Treatment Facility, 2001

Betty Beaumont, Ocean Landmark

Jackie Brookner, Veden Taika

Alan Sonfist, Pool of Virgin Earth

Stacy Levy, Kept Out

Stacy Levy, Springside Rain Wall and Garden

Xavier Cortada, The Reclamation Project

Frances Whitehead, Mapping the Lake in the Great Garden


Eve Mosher, Seeding the City