Voices from Iraq to the Delaware River watershed

In context of the Iraqi guesthouse on the Schuylkill Center’s grounds, the communal the exhibition offers a place for reflection on war experience and sanctuary through the voices of U.S. veterans deployed in Iraq, Iraqi immigrants, and Native Americans. Listen to their stories as they give voice to personal experience of trauma, healing and sanctuary.

Please note—Some of these stories contain intimate descriptions and thoughts. Headphones are recommended for best sound quality.

* * * * *

Voices of Iraq, 2021

Audio recordings by Iraqi citizens living the United States
Recorded by Yaroub Al-Obaidi, 2021

The recordings alternate between Arabic and English translations. Iraqi citizens followed the prompt: what does sanctuary mean to you?

Mohamed-Okab, Iraqi Immigrant (English)

Mohamed-Okab, Iraqi Immigrant (Arabic)

Ahmed-Al-Safar, Iraqi Immigrant (English)

Ahmed Al-Safar, Iraqi Immigrant (Arabic)

Fadaa, Iraqi Immigrant (English)

Fadaa, Iraqi Immigrant (Arabic)

* * * * *

Moral Injuries of War, 2020 

Produced by The International Trauma Studies Program and The Windmill Factory
Audio recordings, 3:35min
Courtesy of Jack Saul

Trailer to Moral Injuries of War

When the dust settles, what remains? Who bears the burden of responsibility? Through their stories, veterans from Philadelphia give voice to the moral anguish of war.

Explore stories of moral injury from Philadelphia veterans as voice recordings.

More information about the ongoing public arts and conversation project at www.moralinjuriesofwar.org

* * * * *

Voices of Lenape Citizens, 2021

Audio recordings by Lenape citizens living in the Delaware River Watershed, the land of Lenapehoking
Recorded by Trinity Norwood and Priscilla Bell, 2021

Reverend John Norwood and Jason Norwood of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape speak to the following prompt: What does sanctuary mean to you?

Reverend John Norwood in English

Jason Norwood (English)