Spring Lane Meadow Restoration

In the spring of 2010, six acres of open field along Spring Lane were targeted for restoration. Used for agriculture as recent as the early 1900�s, this field had since become invaded with a number of tenacious non-native species: multiflora rose, cool season grasses, Japanese honeysuckle, and the escaped Callery pear.

To restore this old field to a native grassland/meadow would improve the habitat value for 17 priority bird species as identified by the Partners in Flight Landbirds Conservation Plan. Of these 17 species, 11 have been sighted at The Schuylkill Center during our annual winter and breeding bird counts. The matrix of native grasses and forbs also benefits pollinators and other insects in need of host plants for larval stages.

In preparation for restoration, the field was mowed and prepared for invasive species management. In late spring, the field was seeded with a mix of native warm season grasses and forbs- Little bluestem, purpletop, black-eyed susan, and butterfly weed, to name a few.

In the fall of 2010, volunteers will assist with the installation of tree and shrub �edge� species- those which grow along the edge of the woods. These species are often prolific berry producers, thus serving as an important source of food during fall migration. To supplement the seeded mix, additional grasses and forbs will be planted throughout the meadow.

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