Winter 2017 Photography Contest

Tree on Belmont Plateau

By Jenny Ryder, Environmental Art & PR Intern

Winter is in full swing in Southeast PA (though it doesn’t always feel like it), and we’re trying our best to get outside every day despite the icy chill in the air. We encourage you to do the same—get out of your home/office/classroom, etc. and take a photograph for our Winter 2017 Photo Contest!

This year, one of my resolutions is to find room in my heart for the wintertime by finding new ways to appreciate nature throughout the cold, dead months. The colors of winter are one of the most striking aesthetic features of the season, with its muted lavender and grey skies, the stark silhouettes of white birch trees in a tangled sea of naked branches and buds. With the warm snow days we’ve been getting (as a consequence of global climate change), I’ve begun to appreciate the big snowflakes these days offer us. If you look real quick before it melts on your chest, you’ll be able to see each flake’s fascinating little pattern fade away.

How do you relish in winter’s gentle light and fierce beauty? Where do you connect with nature when the grass is matted down with snow? Are you desperate to see some more snow on the ground? Bring your camera with you to capture a sliver of the season’s magnificence and submit a photo anytime between now and February 28th! Three winners will be selected by a staff committee.


The rules are simple:

      • The photo must have been taken this January or February
      • The photo must be taken in the Philadelphia area
      • The photo must be outdoors or feature the outdoors
      • The photo must be your own creation and its publication may not violate the rights of any third party
      • Photos must be submitted by 5pm on February 28.

Please note:

  • No explicit or offensive photos.  The Schuylkill Center reserves the right to determine whether a photo is explicit or offensive.
  • By submitting a photo, you grant the Schuylkill Center non-exclusive rights to reproduce your image.  You maintain copyright and you will be credited.
  • Only 3 submissions per person will be accepted.
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of Schuylkill Center staff.

How to Submit a Photo:

  • Email your photo to Environmental Art & PR Intern, Jenny, at with the subject line “2017 Photo Contest”

We look forward to finding out how you see the cold season, in the city and beyond – submit a photo now!

Featured photo: Stephanie (@Cattandco). 2015.

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    • There aren’t any size restrictions, but please send your photos in .jpeg, .png or .tiff format. Your photo might be resized if we choose to feature it online, though. Thanks for your interest!

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