Fall of light

By Anna Lehr Mueser, Public Relations Manager

This morning as I drove down the driveway to the Schuylkill Center,  passing the large meadow to the north then the gentle slope of forest where the Pine Grove and Founders Grove stand, I realized the leaves are nearly gone.

Here and there a plume of yellow or red glows against the pale forest.  These days I look into the woods to see colors, and instead, I see the fall of light.  The trees stand empty, their beautiful forms exposed.  A soft fall of light, visible deep in the woods, carries a hazy, dreamy quality.  Graceful twists and turns of sassafras trees are brought into view now that the foliage is gone.  Subtle yellows and browns and greys are painting meadows, the remainders of fall wildflowers.

Although the hours of sunlight are shrinking daily, this time of year the woods open up, glowing with light.

One thought on “Fall of light

  1. Beautifully written blog entry. The posted photos are wonderful. Thanks for making the autumnal moments last a little bit longer.

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