Photography as Art at Nature Preschool

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Photography as Art

A Nature Preschool Exploration

With the advent of the Frost exhibit here at the Schuylkill Center, we have been delving deeper into art.    In particular, we are exploring the many ways that art can be expressed – through sculpture, painting, print, fabric, and even photography.  We visited the exhibit as a group and looked in particular at the photographs.  The children were able to describe the photos and express the emotions they felt when looking at them.  They ran the gamut from happy, to sad, to angry to cold.  We talked about how different people can find different things when looking at a work of art.

Later, we went outside and gave the children the opportunity to take their own photographs.  Naturally they took dozens.  We printed them out to show the class.  Then we were able to explore how artists create many pieces that may not make it to the gallery.  They have to pick the one that means the most to them.  Nature Preschoolers were eager to select one photo they had taken that expressed something they wanted to share with the world.  It is wonderful to see how they are able to connect emotion to their photos.  Hooray for our budding photographers.