SCEE @ My School for Grades 1 - 12

Invite a Schuylkill Center naturalist to your school for in-class programs or guided explorations of your schoolyard. Programs are one hour in length and suited for classes of up to 30 students.

Butterflies & Other Insects
From the creepy-crawly to the magnificent, insects are amazing and well-adapted to their surroundings. Learn facts about insects that will make your students go buggy!

Wildlife Protectors+
From city squirrels to migrating birds, urban wildlife needs protection. Students will learn how some animals adapt to living close to humans, and how to make our neighborhoods safer for them.

Mammals & Their Adaptations+
Using animal pelts, skulls, tracks, and scat, students study mammals and adaptations that help them survive.

Trash Bash
We have a trash problem! Learn what we�re throwing away and problem-solve ways to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Compost Community
Investigate the process of decomposition while examining the contents of a worm bin. Learn the role that worms play in recycling the energy produced by plants.

Schoolyard Exploration*
Explore your schoolyard through the eyes of animals. Your students will be amazed at all that calls your schoolyard home as they search for signs of plants and animals.

What's with Water?
A comprehensive introduction to water as a natural resource and an exploration of the water cycle.

Watersheds & Water Pollution
Students demonstrate the concepts of a watershed and nonpoint source pollution through hands-on activities and by following the journey of Fred the Fish as he swims downstream.

Wetlands & Water Quality
Students discover, through hands-on activities, how wetlands act as sponges, purifiers, and nurseries. We compare how nature purifies water to how humans clean water by constructing a drinking water filter.

Water Quality Testing
Students use a chemical and biological tests to determine the water quality of a local waterway. Can be done in the classroom or at a walkable pond or stream site.

SCEE @ My School Fees
Classroom programs: $125 for up to 30 students
Schoolyard Exploration: $125 up to 15 students; $75 for additional 15 students
All programs carry additional travel fees based on mileage and travel time from the Center (generally $15-$30).

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