The Schuylkill Center offers Curriculum Supplements to aid Educators of all types as they develop their classroom lesson plans.


Originally developed to meet the need for a classroom-based curriculum to fulfill the Pennsylvania state mandate for environmental education before the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards were created, CurriculumEarth is now used to supplement teachers’ classroom planning.

The goal of CurriculumEarth is to promote environmental literacy by developing feelings and appreciation for the earth through first-hand experiences. Each unit focuses on one major ecological principle necessary to understand a particular environmental problem. The lessons provide the opportunity to translate knowledge and values into personal action to improve the environment. Access our CurriculumEarth order form here.


Available lessons include:





The Five Senses




















Middle/Junior High School

Life Sciences: Adaptations



Physical Science: Energy



Earth Science: Cycles


High School

Biology: Adaptations



Chemistry: Cycles



Physics/Technology Education: Energy



Social Studies: Communities



Environmental Science: Cycles


Discover The Schuylkill Watershed
Discover the Schuylkill is a two-part program, which includes a Teacher’s Manual with lesson plans, and an accompanying poster of the Schuylkill River watershed. The lessons provide information to students about geography, land use, population, water use and environmental protection of the Schuylkill River watershed, and incorporate concepts from the PA Academic Standards for Environment & Ecology.

Teacher Manual is $30, plus $1 for each additional poster.

Water Quality Interpretation Manual
The Water Quality Interpretation Manual explains the origin and importance of seven basic water quality parameters. These parameters are used in many monitoring efforts, and include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, nitrates, phosphates, and carbon dioxide. The manual defines each parameter, provides an explanation as to its source and importance to aquatic life provides levels harmful to aquatic organisms, and describes the way in which humans impact them. Illustrations and descriptive text make a difficult topic more understandable and user-friendly.

Manual is $10.

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