The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education�s main focus is to educate people about the importance of the natural world, while giving them the opportunities to explore environmental science in-depth and have fun while doing it! Through the Center�s four interrelated departments: Environmental Education, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Land Restoration, and Environmental Art, visitors are exposed to the various ways that humans can connect with nature. Our approach to environmental education addresses all of the senses and allows individuals to make the most of their experiences while visiting. In addition, each area of expertise lends to advancements at the Center like standards-based educational programming, a high level of animal care, cutting-edge ecological restoration research, and providing a venue for emerging artists.

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Get Directions to the Schuylkill Center

Reach the clinic at 215-482-8217

The Wildlife Clinic is open to accept animals the following hours:

Summer Hours
(April � September)
10:00 am � 6:00 pm
seven days/week

Winter Hours
(October � March)
10:00 am � 4:00 pm
seven days/week