What do I do if I have found a Baby...

  •  Opossum?
    If the baby is six inches long or more from nose to rump, then it is actually old enough to be on its own and should be left alone. Just keep pets indoors until the opossum moves on. However, if the baby is smaller than six inches and there is no mother in sight, or the mother has been killed, then the baby opossum should be taken to your nearest wildlife rehabilitator. In the meantime, put the opossum in a dark, quiet box lined with a t-shirt and place the box half over a heating pad. Do not try to feed it anything. Dead mother opossums may still have babies in their pouches. Simply reach inside the pouch and gently detach them from the mother's nipple if necessary.

  •  Raccoon, Skunk, Groundhog, Bat or Fox?
    Cute and little as they may be, these babies are all potential carriers of rabies. DO NOT touch or pick them up with your bare hands under ANY circumstances. If the baby animal is alone or appears to be orphaned, appearances may be deceiving. The baby may actually be well taken care of. Keep pets and people indoors and observe the baby animal. If the mother does not return after 3 hours or by dusk, contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitator. If it is necessary to handle a baby raccoon, skunk, groundhog, bat or fox, avoid any direct contact with the animal by using gloves and a large towel.

A baby mammal should be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for immediate assistance if...

  •  It has been attacked by a dog or cat
  •  It's mother is known to be dead
  •  It has been injured
  •  It is covered with maggots, fleas or fly eggs

If the baby mammal is in need of care from a wildlife rehabilitator, do not forget to keep it in a warm, dark, quiet place until further instructions are given.


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