United Way

If your workplace is a Tri-state or SEPA United Way campaign participant, you can donate using our organizational donor number: #10620.

The Center will receive the value of your gift after United Way’s administrative fee is deducted from your total donation.

Gifts of Stock & Securities

Gifts of stock and securities are welcome alternatives to cash contributions. Please send the necessary paperwork to Patricia Boyle, Development Assistant. It will be promptly processed by our Business office. With questions, call or email Patty at (215) 482-7300 or patty@schuylkillcenter.org.


If you are an online shopper, you can register at Igive.com to have a percentage of your online purchases at many of the most popular online stores donated to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.

Click on this link: www.igive.com/swrc

The Schuylkill Center's Wildlife Rehab Clinic will automatically be chosen as the recipient cause.

Enter your email address and click on the 'Join Now' button.

Enter your name and a password.

Any other information requested is optional.

If you download and install the 'Shopping Window', you will be notified each time you visit an online store affiliated with Igive. Otherwise, when shopping online, be sure to visit the mall at http://www.igive.com/html/mall.cfm and choose the store where you want to shop.


eScrip works a little differently, but with the same idea in mind. The eScrip program is a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the school or organization of your choice. Currently, if you shop at Superfresh, PathMark or Shoprite, they will provide %1 of your sale to the Schuylkill Center.

Sign up is easy. Just go to to www.eScrip.com and click on the members/supporter link on the left side of the page. It will allow you to sign up using your preferred card numbers.

View maps & get directions to the Schuylkill Center.

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