Field Studies at the Schuylkill Center for Grades 4 – 6

Half-Day Field Studies

Half-day programs provide a two-hour lesson exploring the Schuylkill Center’s natural areas with our environmental educators.

Ecosystem Explorers
Explore our fields, forests, and ponds to discover the complex interactions between living and non-living components of these habitats.

Incredible Insects (April-November)
Get up close and personal with one of the most diverse groups of creatures on the planet! Students explore our forests, ponds, and fields to learn about the physical features and behaviors of insects.

Amazing Adaptations
Students come to understand that all living things possess unique features to help them survive, and that everything has a niche.

Water Survey (April-November)
Students learn how scientists monitor the water quality of our streams and ponds by conducting their own survey of the chemical, biological and physical qualities of a water ecosystem.

Seeds to Trees to Soil (March-November)
Trees are vital to our ecosystem, absorbing carbon dioxide, cooling the earth, and providing important animal habitats. Students study the forest ecosystem and the life cycle of trees.

Soil: Digging Deeper (March-November)
Students will get their hands dirty and explore soil and the nutrients that cycle through it and into plants.

Half-day Program Fees
$6.50 per student; $65 minimum
One adult free per group of ten students
Additional adults are $3 each

Full-Day Programs (Standards-based)

Full-day programs provide a three-hour lesson with our educators (generally 10:00 am – 1:30 pm with a break for lunch), allowing students time to delve more deeply into subject areas. Choose one of our standard full-day options listed below, or combine any two half-day topics for a full-day experience.

Aquatic Ecology & Water Quality
Students learn about watersheds and the impact of human activity on our waterways, examine stream critters under a microscope, and conduct pollution experiments. Students also do a water quality assessment at a pond or stream.

Ecosystems & Adaptations
This program reinforces the concept that every species has a unique set of characteristics that help it survive. Students learn how the environment influences a species’ physical features and behavior through the process of natural selection.

Art & Science
Enhance your students’ understanding of the natural world through art. Students interpret natural science learning in their field explorations into an art project they take home.

Full-day Program Fees
$10.50 per student; $105 minimum
One adult free with each group of ten students
$5 for each additional adult

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