For nearly fifty years, our gardens have offered an escape from the chaos of city life. During the height of the growing season, one can get lost amid towering yellow corn, bright red heirloom tomatoes, meandering flower beds, sprawling pumpkin patches, and much more. Nestled in Upper Roxborough, our gardens are surrounded by serene farmland and scenic views. As one of Philadelphia’s largest community gardens, we offer large garden plots and always have space for new gardeners. Our amenities include ample parking, multi-gate access points, a hose system for irrigation, a porta potty, and community tool sheds.

Our gardens serve many purposes. Most are trying horticulture as a fun hobby, growing fruits and vegetables for themselves, friends, family, and local food banks. Others aim to attract diverse pollinators and some oversee horticultural research projects. Some gardeners use their plot as an unofficial backyard. They combine aesthetic landscaping, seasonal flowers, and modest crop production to produce a relaxing oasis all their own.

Though our gardens host many leisurely moments, it takes hard work from our gardeners, Schuylkill Center Staff, and various volunteer groups to maintain their condition. If left unchecked, invasive weeds and vines can quickly claim entire plots. If you don’t harvest your crops in a timely manner, other wildlife will harvest it for themselves. Local deer are usually the first to find a hole in the fence. Working a garden plot isn’t easy–but our gardeners agree it’s worth the time they put in.

The benefits of community gardening are documented and well-known. Our garden provides participants with a source of fresh, local, inexpensive produce, thus promoting healthy and sustainable eating. Gardening is recreation; gardeners of all ages benefit physically and mentally from light exercise and fresh air. Our gardens bring together gardeners of all skill levels, where they can build and share the universal skill of working the land. Most importantly, our gardens are a community, where people build friendships and work together for common goals.

If you have any other questions or would like to get involved, contact Steve Goin, Director of Land and Facilities at If you’d like to know more, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We always have plots available and we are welcoming to all. Though most gardeners get signed up in March or April, it’s never too late (or too early) to take a tour of the gardens and see what’s available.