What do I do if I have found a Bird...

  •  That has flown into a window and appears stunned, but uninjured?
    Place the bird in a warm, dark, and quiet box for 2 to 3 hours, and then attempt to release it. If the bird still cannot fly, contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

  •  Inside my house?
    Lead the bird to a room that has doors or windows to the outside by turning off lights or blocking off areas of the house, except for the path to the desired exit. Open available doors and windows, keep people and pets away, and give the bird some time to make its way out. Be sure to cover mirrors and close blinds over unopened windows so the bird does not attempt to fly into them.

  •  Sitting on the ground unable to fly?
    If the bird seems otherwise normal, hopping around and alert, it is probably a fledgling just leaving the nest. Fledglings are feathered, and may appear to be adults, but usually can be distinguished by their shorter tails. The bird should be placed in a close-by bush (not a tree) away from the street, pets and children. Watch the bird from a distance to see if the parents return to feed it. If the parents don't return in 2 hours or the bird appears lethargic, contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

A bird should be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for assistance if...

  • It is infested with flies, fly eggs or maggots (usually looks like rice or grain in the bird's feathers or skin)
  • Its head is tilted
  • It has a drooping or twisted wing
  • It is caught or entangled in debris, e.g. string, net, jar, etc.
  • It is stuck in a glue trap, or stuck or covered in oil, tar, etc.
  • Its eyes are crusty and/or appear unable to see

If the bird is in need of care from a wildlife rehabilitator, do not forget to keep it in a warm, dark, quiet place until further instructions are given.


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