The admission to the Schuylkill Center's art gallery at the Visitor Center and our trails is free and open to the public.

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Road, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Gallery hours are Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm
Trails and Outdoor Exhibitions are open daily from dawn to dusk. The front gate closes at 5 pm.

Our trails are in part wheelchair accessible. Please consult the Schuylkill Center's trail map for more information. The main Parking lot is open Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm.


Visit our Environmental Art Website for more information about our current exhibitions and event programs. www.schuylkillcenter.org/art/


a river is...
April 20 - June 24, 2023

2022-2023 LandLab artist-in-residence Bitter Kalli embarks on a textual and textural exploration of the Schuylkill River watershed. Using natural dyes and organic materials gathered from riverbank plants, as well as locally-sourced upcycled fabric, the artist creates textile pieces that consider the overlapping human and plant geographies of the Schuylkill; the legacies of neighborhood change and displacement along this river; and the increasing precarity of riverine life during a time of environmental crisis. Weaving together memoir, research, and relational practice, the artist engages with lineages of feminized craft and the space of the riverbank as a site for ritual and gathering.

More information about the exhibition and related event programming HERE

a river is...


Walking the Edge: Art from our borders and boundaries
January 26 - April 1, 2023

Walking the Edge is a communal display on the experience of walking in nature. We invited the public to share their creative impressions, reflections and encounters on walking borders, limits and perimeters in nature as they are expressed in creative artworks. Curated by and in collaboration with Jacques-Jean Tiziou of "Walk Around Philadelphia", our fourth bi-annual community exhibition embraces walking as a practice in contemporary art production that reflects on our interconnectedness with nature.

More Information about the exhibition and related event programming HERE

Forest Makings
Varvara Fern, "Step Into the Unknown"

Forest Makings
September 24 - – December 30, 2022

The group exhibition Forest Makings features artwork by Jean Shin, Ana Vizcarra Rankin, Aaron Terry, Amir Campbell, Tali Weinberg, Vivien Wise, and instrument makers Gladys Harlow, Richard Robinson, and Don Miller (as part of the art project S(tree)twork by Futurefarmers). While shedding light on the environmental benefits of forests and the threats posed by changing climates, Forest Makings explores how humans influence forests and manage their survival through practices of conservation.

More Information about the exhibition and related event programming HERE

Forest Makings

Companions - mas masarap magkasama
April 16 – August 13, 2022

The multimedia exhibition "Companions" by Filipino-American visual artist Maria Dumlao in collaboration with Filipinx group Bahay215, Nicky Uy and Omar Buenaventura, explores food culture as a vehicle for the human desire for belonging and rooting into a new environment. The exhibition features a series of interactive prints and site-specific installations that open a dialogue about ecology, authorship, and cultural authenticity in today's intertwined environments.

More Information about the exhibition and related event programming HERE

A beautiful impressionistic landscape

Aqua Marooned! (an interactive card game)
November, 2021 – Summer, 2022

We have launched a unique and delightful card game the whole family can play on site. Stroll along our trails while quizzing each other on local plants and animals, composing poems about spaces you encounter, honoring the Lenape peoples who have traditionally stewarded the land—all the while deepening your connection to the natural world around you. Pick up a free deck of cards at our Visitor Center.

This is a collaboration with the performing arts collective Swim Pony.

More Information HERE

Two hands exchanging Aqua Marooned cards

Al-Mudhif – A Confluence
June 25 – Summer 2022

Al Mudhif – A Confluence was an outdoor art installation by Sarah Kavage and Yaroub Al-Obaidi and an accompanying exhibition that explored notions of belonging and healing amidst the current moment of careful reconnection. Entirely built out of the invasive wetland grass phragmites, the installation and gallery display provided a welcoming space for intercultural encounters here while offering a critical perspective on global migration of plants and people.

More Information about the exhibition HERE  

A view of Al Mudhif


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