The Schuylkill Center�s 340 acres of woodlands, fields, streams and ponds is an oasis for birds in Philadelphia. Our landscape supports many species at various times of the year; please peruse our checklist of local birds to learn more about the birds you may see in different seasons of the year.

Visitors are encouraged to document their observations in the Trail Sightings book at the front desk. Our staff is always available to help you with identification, and our Bookstore/Gift Shop has a great selection of field guides and other books devoted to birds and bird habitats.

The Schuylkill Center Birding Club is open to anyone with an interest in our feathered friends. Birders of all levels are welcome, from backyard identifier to full-blown ornithological sage. This is a fantastic opportunity to share information and sightings, keep the Center�s bird data up-to-date, plus have a great time outdoors. Please check the Center�s Events Calendar for more information about trips and service projects that we have planned.


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