2016 Meigs Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Meigs Awards. The Meigs Award for Environmental Leadership will be presented in the fall.


To nominate an environmental leader for the 2016 award, please fill out this form here and return it by June 1 to:
Mike Weilbacher, Executive Director

Henry Meigs Award For Environmental Leadership

The Meigs Environmental Leadership Award is given annually and honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding environmental leadership, leaving a meaningful and lasting impact on their community and our region. The award celebrates environmental leaders who embody a spirit of leadership, integrity, and vision, and honors the memory of named for one of the Center’s founding visionaries, Henry Meigs.

Henry Meigs Youth Award Environmental Leadership

The Meigs Youth Leadership Award honors youth who demonstrate environmental leadership within their communities, showing the potential to be environmental leaders and to leave a meaningful impact. This award typically celebrates a specific project a youth leader or group has worked on, but may also honor her/his work overall.



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