PA Master Naturalist Program

Philadelphia County Master Naturalist Training

Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is a statewide partnership initiative that aims to connect people with their local ecosystems through intensive natural science training and local conservation service work. It is a venture directed toward developing a local corps of “master volunteers and service providers” to offer education, outreach and service dedicated to the understanding and management of natural areas within their communities.

Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is designed to teach adult participants about the natural history and ecology of Pennsylvania’s diverse ecoregions. Initially, students will receive 55 hours of classroom and field instruction. Teaching involves outdoor activities, PowerPoint slides, suggested resources including a comprehensive training manual developed for the course, and interaction with other students and instructors. Upon graduating from training, Pennsylvania Master Naturalists are expected to complete 30 hours of volunteer service in their first year and 20 hours annually thereafter along with annual continuing education requirements.

The Schuylkill Center is a partner with the Master Naturalist program, coordinating and hosting the Philadelphia Master Naturalist training course and engaging Master Naturalist Volunteers in various projects and opportunities at the Center.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist or to download the application, please visit the webpage for the state program.

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2013 Philadelphia Training Schedule at SCEE

Application Information & Materials

Application deadline is February 4, 2013.



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