At Second Site:Brolo Hill Farm,
corner of Port Royal Ave and Hagy's Mill Rd, Philadelphia.

Ghosts and Shadows
September 6, 2008- January 2, 2009
ART on VIDEO, Ghost and Shadows Documentary by Vincent Romaneillo

Presented in Partnership by

Marisha Simons, Ghost Forest
The Center for Emerging Visual Artists
The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Guest Curated by Warren Angle

Artists: Jennifer Chapman, Keiko Miyamori, Kara Rennert, Marisha Simons

Jennifer Chapman, Keiko Miyamori, Kara Rennert, and Marisha Simons were chosen to produce site specific installations because of their poetic sense of place. Each artist has set up a dialogue with the natural and human constructed landscape at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education's Second Site location. They have mined specific references to place and sensations of past and present using audio as well as visual components in the construction of their works. - Warren Angle, Curator



University of the Arts Sculpture Students
through December 12th, 2008
on the Gray Fox and Woodcock Trails Loop
led by Professor Jeanne Jaffe, Fine Arts Department Chair

Laurie Berenhaus
Sarah Blake
Renata Gordon
Alex Hollenbach
Samantha Kanelstein
Sean Langan
Ian Patterson
Marianna Peragallo
Eric Presendanz
Julia Rexon
Olatunji Richardson
Emily Schumacher
Joe Williams

Each student has created a site-specific installation in response to the land and current environmental topics using a variety of materials.

Samantha Kanelstein
If a Tree Falls in the Woods...
loth and yarn
on Woodcock Trail

Alex Hollenbach
We Are All Relatives
mixed media
in Pine Plantation on Gray Fox Loop

Jeanne Jaffe (center) and her art students
with Zoe Cohen, Art Program Manager (center left)


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