What To Do If I...

What do I do if I have found a...

Emergency Situations

An animal needs help as soon as possible if...

  •  It is bleeding severely
  •  It has been attacked by a cat or dog
  •  It is staggering, collapsed, unconscious or convulsing
  •  It is caught or entangled in debris, e.g. string, net, jar, etc.
  •  It is stuck in a glue trap, or stuck or covered in oil, tar, etc.
  •  Its eyes are crusty and/or appear unable to see
  •  It has a broken limb
  •  It is a baby whose parents are known to be dead

Please call your nearest Wildlife Rehabilitator for assistance in an emergency. If you are in the Philadelphia Region, call the SWRC as soon as possible.

Please note: it is illegal for the general public to try to rehabilitate or keep wild animals. Each animal has very specific and often complicated requirements that are best met by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Other Local Wildlife Rehabilitation Services

Mercer County Wildlife Center in Lambertville, NJ, accepts all species
*It is unlawful to transport mammal species across state lines

The Aark in Chalfont, Bucks County accepts all species

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research in Newark, Delaware accepts all native bird species

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Stroudsburg, PA
Kathy Dubin-Uhler

Red Creek Wildlife Center  in Schuylkill Haven accepts all species

The Pennsylvania Game Commission can handle problems with injured deer

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If you have found an injured or orphaned wild animal, call our wildlife hotline at 215‑482‑7300 x option 2, available 24 hours a day for emergency response.

For general wildlife inquiries, please email [email protected].

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